The future of the IPA

23 Oct 2019

Next year, the IPA will celebrate its 70th anniversary, but the future of the IPA depends on young police officers. We need more young police officers in the current sections more than we need new sections.

We need to initiate projects that will reach out and are appealing to young police officers. As we formulated the SCC strategy, it was clear to us, that the future of the IPA will rely on the ability to recruit young police officers and to maintain a close relationship with each national police force. Let us not forget that we are a friendship association between policemen and -women.

The IPA Games are one example of a project that has assisted us with recruiting young police officers and co-operating with local police forces.

As at the IPA Games in Lisbon 2018, the next IPA Games in Montenegro will be open to all members of the local police and other police forces. We saw that a lot of police members joined the IPA during the Games in Lisbon.

Since the Games in Lisbon were the first of its kind, I am sure that the number of participants will increase for the next Games.

One of the concerning questions we receive from young police officers is: ‘What do I gain from the IPA?’

My point of view is that projects that are appealing to young police officers, such as travelling and hosting within the IPA and using the hosting book, assist young police officers and make hosting and travel affordable.

We can see the benefits of having a strategy that puts young police officers in front, focusing on projects that have a high potential of assisting us to reach younger members of the police, especially in social activities, sports, hosting, travel, hobbies and through social media.

We have learned from the international sports questionnaire that this is the main attraction to younger police officers. In 2018, the number of participants in sports events almost tripled. The data is astonishing, from 54,690 in 2017 to 134,334 in 2018.  It is unbelievable.

Sport is a major activity in all police forces, and almost every police officer participates in it. We assume that it especially involves younger members of the police force. I am sure that the IPA Games contributed to the international co-operation between sections and is a major attraction to younger police officers.

In my point of view, we must adopt a strategy that puts recruiting as a major goal for the IPA, and we need to implement a work plan that will support it. We are the biggest police association in the World, but we should also be the best.

Adv. Gal Sharon, Vice President and Chairperson of the SCC