The IPA at 70 - A short glance at IPA History

08 Mar 2021

Arthur Troop wrote an article in a British Police magazine in 1949, asking for those interested in an International Police Friendship Association to make contact with him. He received positive replies, and an initial meeting was held in London in September 1949.at11

The IPA British Section started activities on 1st January 1950, with the motto ‘Service Through Friendship’, written in Esperanto, as ‘Servo Per Amikeco’.

This was followed in 1953 in January by the Netherlands Section, in February by the Belgian Section and in September by the French Section. 1954 saw the creation of IPA Norway in April and IPA Switzerland in May.

In March 1955, IPA Germany was established and together, these 7 sections came together in the first World Congress in September in Paris, and are referred to as the elders of the IPA.
The first International Executive Meeting (IEC) was held in September 1956 in Essen.

More European sections joined, and then gradually there was growth around the world, with the establishment of IPA Canada and IPA Hong Kong in 1960. IPA Kenya became the first section in Africa in 1961 and IPA Brazil, the first in South America in 1962. IPA Australia became the first Australasian section in 1964.

The number of sections has continued to grow to this day. A few sections sadly were unable to survive for various reasons, but any member from a country without an IPA section may be eligible to join other established IPA sections as Foreign Associate Members (FAM’s) – and at present we have more than 1000 FAM’s.

In this celebratory edition of the newsletter, we have contributions from 68 sections, a very fitting tribute to the legacy of our founder, Arthur Troop.

Servo per Amikeco!