The IPA at 70 - Armand Jaminet

26 Jul 2021

When Arthur Troop founded the IPA 70 years ago, his aim was to bring together police officers from all over the world in one association, without distinction as to rank/position, gender, race, language, or religion.armand3

He would certainly have been pleased that by the year 2020 his vision of an International Police Association had brought together some 372,000 members in 68 countries. Alas, the founder of our association passed away twenty years ago.

"A chance for the youth", said the former international president Jürgen Klös in 1988 at the IPA World Congress in Rotterdam. He meant that the sections, regions and liaison offices should also give young members on their respective boards the opportunity to become involved in the shaping of the IPA. In 1994 the delegates gave me this opportunity, when I was elected the youngest president of the IPA, a position that was confirmed in Canada three years later.


It has been my pleasure to work in the interest of the IPA for twelve years in the PEB, together with the International Board and the Sections.

I also had the honour of presenting the second IPA World Police Prize to the ODCCP (Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention) of the United Nations in Vienna in 2000 in front of 119 nations and 76 Foreign Ministers.

As a former president of our International Police Association, I wish the IPA all the best on its 70th anniversary. I am convinced that it will maintain its status and continue to play a significant role in society in the years to come.

Armand Jaminet, Former IPA President (1994-2000)