The IPA at 70 - Motto and logo

27 Feb 2021

logo3Arthur Troop designed the IPA “wreathed” logo in 1950 when founding the IPA, and its design was formally adopted internationally at the 1st World Congress in Paris in 1955. During the congress, every aspect of the design was debated at length, however, no changes were made, and the logo was adopted as Arthur had first designed it.

Arthur explained the concept behind the design in a letter in 1995:

“I had to include a central globe, to show the worldwide scope of the IPA…..Then I used the eight-pointed star, which is the background to most British Police Force helmet badges. To complete the effect, laurel leaves were added either side of the star motif, with a scroll at the base of the design, which would bear the motto of the Association, “Servo per Amikeco”, which derives from the international language Esperanto. This translated into English is Service Through Friendship”.

During the 1st World Congress, there were calls to change the language of the IPA’s motto from the Esperanto “Servo per Amikeco” to the Latin “Servire per Amicitiam”. Keeping the motto in Esperanto won the vote 3-2, as at the time it was thought to be the international language of the future.

logo2At the 2nd International Executive Conference in London, 1957, the idea of a roundel version of the logo was discussed, as it was found to be difficult at the time to produce a good quality version of the logo as a lapel badge. The following year at the 2nd WC in Antwerp, the roundel version was proposed and accepted by the delegates.

Over the next few years, use of the roundel grew, with many sections using the logo and the roundel interchangeably on their magazines, headed paper and merchandise. It was argued at the 1961 III World Congress in Stuttgart that the wreathed logo should be used on all printed material and the roundel only on the lapel badge, but this was decided against and sections could continue to use either version.

The IPA logo is proudly displayed on membership cards, pin badges, patches, challenge coins and countless other items of IPA memorabilia.

Today the IPA emblems are widely recognised, and seen at IPA events, conferences and meetings all over the world.

Servo per Amikeco!