The IPA at 70 - Pierre-Martin Moulin

22 Feb 2021

Dear friends,

I would like to start by wishing us all a very happy 70th birthday! Few associations can boast of reaching such a beautiful age in such good health! So, champagne and bubbles are well deserved.
Today, the IPA comprises 65 affiliated sections, 2 sections provisionally affiliated, 1 section in foundation and 2 further countries waiting for the end of the coronavirus pandemic to join our family. So by a stroke of genius, there are 70 countries to blow out the 70 candles. Impressive! Arthur, you can be proud! I bet that at the age of 36, when the adventure officially began, you were far from suspecting the impact that your idea would have on the whole world, and the scope of this crazy idea to unite all police officers of the world under the magnificent motto of "Servo per Amikeco".
Many other pioneers also played a leading role in the development of the association over the past 70 years. I am thinking in particular of all those who have taken on responsibilities, whether at local, national or international level, and most importantly all those who, by their example and commitment, have recruited members and continue to do so.

I joined the IPA in 1994. A few years later, I was offered the opportunity to join the International Board as Treasurer. The challenge seemed crazy, and therefore very tempting. The idea of meeting colleagues from all over the world and having the chance to exchange ideas with them, seemed to me the most successful project I could take part in as a young police officer. After nine years as International Treasurer and eight as President, what better values could I share with you than the ones contained in our motto?

Friendship, chosen as our primary value since the founding of the IPA, is the very reason for our association’s existence, its prosperity and longevity. It is the sail of the boat that takes us on our associative journey, at the same time leading us to beautiful adventures, as well as protecting us in the inevitable storms.

Service, which completes our association's motto and illustrates our sense of duty. All IPA members have at some point served in their professional lives. Let us always remember how to put ourselves at the service of the IPA, its values and its members.

Happy 70th birthday to us all, good health and hopefully I will see you again soon.

With all my friendship,

Servo per Amikeco,

Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President