The second working session of the 64th IPA World Congress has concluded!

10 Oct 2019

IMG 20191010 092514Today marked the second official working session of the 64th IPA World Congress in Croatia, and much of the agenda was covered on this day.

The day started with reports for the 2018/19 year from PC Chairperson May-Britt V. R. Ronnebro, SCC Chairperson Gal Sharon, Head of Administration & Acting Secretary General Stephen Crockard, and also from the International Treasury of Romain Miny and Wolfgang Gabrutsch. During these reports, the winners of the IPA Sports Trophy, the IPA Photo Competition, the ATS 2020 awardees, and more were announced.

The session was filled with presentations from many IPA Sections across the world with their proposals for future major IPA events such as the Young Police Officers' Seminar, the IPA Games, and much more.

MVIMG 20191010 080905