The World In Brazil

27 Feb 2019

brazilThe Brazilian Section of the International Police Association celebrated the proclamation of the republic in Brazil by taking part in and promoting an event called ‘The World in Brazil’, addressed at diplomats in the country.

The Brazilian Foreign Minister, Dr. Aloysio Nunes, gave a lecture during the gala dinner of the event, which which was attended by representatives of 135 embassies based in Brazil, as well as business people, members of international organisations and the national executive authorities.

The event culminated in the 11th Festival of Nations (Festa das Nações), which took place in in Praça da Liberdade in the city of São Paulo, with the topic of sustainable peace.brazil3

IPA Brazil, in partnership with the coordinators of the event, set up an IPA Brazil tent and welcomed members of the organisation as well as the public.

‘The World in Brazil’ was a great success.

IPA Brazil