We are here to light the children’s hearts! Shain Pninit from Israel reports on a special initiative

18 Feb 2020

israelkinderIn January 2019, I ‘adopted’ a kindergarten for children with special needs. Every Jewish holiday I arrive with my team of 20 police officers from the border police in Israel to celebrate the Jewish holidays with the children.

Before the Hanukkah holiday, we prepared a very special celebration: the police officers had baked and cooked special Hanukkah food, and a Hanukkah lamp, which lights coloured candles, was bought with the help of IPA Israel.

At the party, the police officers sat with the children in an activity hall, while I turned off the lights in the hall and arranged for our special guest ‘Bambi’, a police robot, to come into the hall and light the coloured candles. Everyone was very happy to witness how excited the kids were by the appearance of the robot, and we all welcomed the colourful candles and sang with the children.

At Hanukkah, we traditionally sing ‘We have come to expel darkness – in our hands are light and fire – each person is a small light – and all of us a great light’. I feel that my team and I have ignited a special light for all the children and teachers.

Shain Pninit, member IPA Israel