Welcome to IBZ Gimborn’s first Videocast

17 May 2020

In an effort to explore new ways to continue providing first-class eduction, IBZ Gimborn is now proud to offer its first online lecture by videocast, in collaboration with Henrik Andershed, Professor of Criminology and Psychology at the Örebro University, Sweden.

In his videocast, Henrik Andershed discusses what to expect in terms of crime development during the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Should we expect some crimes to increase, and others to decrease? Furthermore, Professor Andershed suggests what we can do to prevent an increase in crime during these times of restrictions and isolation in our homes.

Please watch the video and let us know what you think! https://youtu.be/KO0FfvoZ-mk

IBZ Gimborn is currently also working on a webinar series on International Terrorism with 6 international speakers. The plan is to offer one session of around 40 minutes, plus discussions, per week.

A further webinar series with the police writers around David Lewis (Section UK), as well as a German webinar on retirement are also in the pipeline.We hope that there will be a large uptake of this new service offered by us and look forward to seeing you all in person in our beautiful castle, once IBZ Gimborn is open again.

René Kauffmann, Director IBZ Gimborn