Welcome to new SCC Member Thierry Larrouy!

23 Aug 2021

The IPA Socio-Cultural Commission (SCC) is happy to welcome a new member, Mr. Thierry Larrouy, the President of Section France.

Thierry is a very active IPA member, and a hard worker. He retired recently from the French National Police as a divisional commander.

A few words about Thierry:

He started his career in 1983 in the suburbs of Paris in a unit fighting against drug trafficking, followed by two years’ service at the French Central Narcotic Office where he was assigned missions and was involved in international relations.

In 1992, Thierry moved to the French island of “La Réunion" in the Indian Ocean, where he worked as an investigator.

From 1996 onwards, he has been staying in Montauban, not far from Toulouse.

Thierry has been an IPA member for many years. Before being elected President of the French section in March 2018, he held the position of Travel Secretary for 5 years.

He speaks several languages, including French, English and Spanish.

Thierry is a person with vision and a strong desire to offer his assistance to the IPA.

As far as his work in the SCC is concerned, I am pleased to inform you that Thierry has already started working on two projects:

  • Pen pals
  • Hosting and welcoming

Further details on both new projects will be announced soon.

Welcome to our commission Thierry!

We are looking forward to working together for the benefit of all IPA members!

Kyriakos Karkalis, Vice President & Chairperson Socio-Cultural Commission