XX International Football Tournament IPA Poznań

16 Nov 2018

DSC 0041From 23-28 August 2018, the 20th edition of the International Football Tournament of IPA Poznań took place. 16 teams from Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Hungary took part in this friendly competition amongst law enforcement agencies.

This year’s tournament was held under the patronage of the Provincial Police Commander in Poznań, Colonel Piotr Mąka; Wielkopolska Province Marshal Marek Woźniak; Poznań City President Jacek Jaśkowiak; Poznań District Starost Jan Grabkowski; the President of the IPA Polish Section Fryderyk Orepuk; and the Chairman of the Polish Olympic Committee Andrzej Kraśnicki.DSC 0107

After the first day of group matches, the 16 teams were whittled down to 8, to compete on Saturday afternoon in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. After a fierce fight, the teams of the District Police HQ in Jarocin and the Convoy Department competed in the match for 3rd place, while the IPA Poznań team fought for the victory in the finals. Despite their high spirits, the hosts were defeated by the Ukrainian team 1:0 after a goal from a free kick.


 In the evening, a celebratory barbeque was held, during which cups, medals and individual rewards were  handed out as follows:


Awards presented:

Top goal scorer (with 6 goals):

Vladyslav Kunyk (IPA Czernichov, Ukraine)

Best goalkeeper:

Maciej Lubczyński (IPA Poznań, Poland)

Oldest competitor:

Petru Long (IPA Bihor 3, Romania)


Final classification (Top 10):


IPA Czernichov / National Acad. of the Penitentiary Service (Ukraine)


IPA Gostyń


IPA Poznań


Poznań City Guards


Convoy Dep. Of the Provincial Police HQ in Poznań


County Jail in Poznań


District Police HQ in Jarocin


Warsaw Military Counterintelligence Service


Municipal Police HQ in Poznań


IPA Gniezno


All teams are already looking forward to the next tournament in Poznań in 2019!

Witold Drzażdżyński, IPA Poznań