IPA Children's Painting Competition 2020

The IPA Socio-Cultural Commission have organised the 1st International Children's Painting Competition!

All children or grandchildren of our members, aged 6-12 years (born 1-1-2008 to 31-12-2014) are eligible to participate, provided that one of the two parents or grandparents, or guardians consents to both participating in the competition, as well as exhibiting projects and granting rights to the IEB for use in the construction of calendars, etc. Children and grandchildren of IEB members and SCC members are excluded from the competition.

Each child involved must paint on A4 size paper. The following can be used: pencil, watercolours, tempera, oil pastel, dry pastel, inks. Projects must be accompanied by a completed special form including the full name of the contestant (name, surname), age, parent’s email and contact phone number. Upon submission of the project, the parents shall automatically accept all the above conditions set by the Commission.

Each contestant will be entitled to only two (2) entries and the same person cannot be a winner more than once.

The topics of the competition are:
1. Police at work
2. Police and animals
3. Children of the world
The competition will feature 3 winners from each category and one winner overall. The gifts will be:
• For the overall winner: a wooden set of oil colours
• For the first winner of each category: a watercolours painting set
• For the second and third winners of each category: a painting block

 Entry into the Children's Painting Competition 2020 is now closed as of 30th August 2020. The results of the competition will be announced shortly!

IPA Children's Painting Competition 2020 Award Categories & Rules