Pen-Pal Project

The idea of this project started some months ago from a man from UK, who wanted to improve his French by
corresponding with one French member. The Section forwarded this request to all French members and very quickly
received 12 applications!
Due to the success of this request and the feedback received, we felt we should develop this process of linking
members across all IPA sections.
It’s important to help members create bonds of friendship through travelling, but also this search for correspondents
will allow members to interact, improve foreign language and very often result in a meeting with their pen pal.
1. The interested member will complete the attached form and email it to
2. Project lead, Mr. Thierry Larrouy, will gather all applications and create a database of interested parties
Details will noy be shared or published under any circumstances. SCC guarantees the security of all personal data
3. The member seeking a pen pal, will contact the project lead of the SCC and declare which country he is interested in
corresponding with, and which language. If there is a suitable match, the member will be informed of the contact details
NOTE: Please note, this project is for adults over 18 years of age only. Any sections offering their own scheme for IPA
members and their children/grandchildren should continue on the current scheme.