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What we offer

The IPA is a friendship organisation for members of the police force around the world, offering opportunities for travel, learning, meeting colleagues, and making friends through networking and shared interest groups



IPA membership provides many opportunities to travel as part of a group or individually - meeting other members around the world. IPA friendship weeks are particularly popular.

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SE officers in Lincolnshire 2018

IPA Houses

Members benefit from our hugely popular IPA Houses and other accommodation options. These are located around the globe and are available for IPA members to stay in.

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IPA House Finland 2016

Education & Information Centre

Our beautiful historical training centre, located in the woodlands and mountains of Germany, is a unique and special location for furthering your education and has a wide variety of seminars to choose from.

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Main Castle and Flag PM at IEB mtg 2017

Arthur Troop Scholarship

There are funding opportunities for activities and seminar programmes for IPA members. Each year the prestigious Arthur Troop Scholarship is awarded to applicants from around the world.

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Members can take part in tournaments and events around the world with everything from table tennis to football and cycling to marathons on offer.

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Young Police Officers' Seminar

Organised biennially, these popular seminars are for serving officers who don't usually have the option to travel due to their junior status or budget constraints.

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Young officers

Interest groups

IPA has many active interest groups from motorcycling meet-ups, the Guinness Forum, collectors' clubs, self-defence groups and skiing enthusiasts.

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