Young Police Officers' Seminar (YPOS)

A chance to further your career on an international level

Every other year, the IPA  organises a Young Police Officers’ Seminar, providing the opportunity for newer recruits to meet their peers and take part in a themed training programme. In recent years, the YPOS has taken participants to Sri Lanka (2022) the UK (2019), USA (2017), Poland (2015) and Australia (2013). The majority of members attending these events are aged 35 or under, and the aim is to provide a global view of law enforcement and the IPA overall. A subsidy is provided to the organising section from the international budget to keep costs affordable.

Registration for the 2023 Young Police Officers' Seminar is now open for New Zealand 2023. Applicants should register via the secretary general of their national section.

IPA Young Police Officers' Seminar 2019 Reports - IPA UK

Reports from the 2019 YPOS held in Stirling, Scotland are now available to read. 45 IPA members from 25 countries took part in the 4-day long event that included seminars covering a variety of professional topics, observing and learning new defensive techniques from IPA Defensive Tactics Group aficionado Robert Stenhouse, and enjoying a trip to a local distillery to taste some authentic scotch whisky. Some of the topics included in the seminars were 'the Art of Communication', terrorism and human trafficking to name a few. Read the first-hand stories told by our participants of the YPOS 2019:

IPA UK member Catherine Connolly's report

IPA Canada member Danielle Smith's report

Below are some photos of the 2019 YPOS held in Stirling, Scotland in June 2019!


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